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Student refrigerator caught People’s Eyes

When people wants to show off their things, they tend to forget to verify if there is nothing that might make them to be a laughing stock. MyGeniusInsider


There is allegedly a student who filled up his or her refrigerator with food and shared it on the social media to show off the type of grocery that the person bought.



Although what was in the refrigerator was too much, and also appetizing, people spotted something else and it turned to be thr reasob why the picture got caught too many people’s attention.


It is not food inside the fridge which caught people’s attention but the dirty inside the fridge. The refrigerator was extremely dirty and it seems like the person has never washed it since it got bought.

Although the fridge is fully packed, it is no longer nice due to the dirty and also speaks volume on the hygiene.


Source @OperaNews



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