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SASSA not processing new applications for the R350 Covid grant

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Moya App Downloads SASSA Payments SRD R350

No new R350 social alleviation of misery (SRD) grant will be handled until the public authority alters the guidelines to move the grant from the Disaster Management Act to the Social Assistance Act.

This is as indicated by South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) representative Paseka Letsatsi. “The legitimate structure for the grant has changed, with the closure of the condition of calamity.

The grant currently must be incorporated under the Social Assistance Act,” Paseka told GroundUp. “SASSA can’t handle any applications for the R350 alleviation grant for April until the work to give the lawful system to the grant is finished.

Declarations will be made when this is finished.” “The lawful system needs to change, as the grant can’t be given under the Disaster Management Act.

The Department of Social Development is as of now occupied with the consideration of this grant under the Regulations to the Social Assistance Act.

The corrected Regulations were put out for public remark, and the cycle is in progress to consolidate every one of the remarks and settle the guidelines. Whenever this is finished, declarations will be made with regards to what is generally anticipated of candidates for the social alleviation grant of R350 each month.”

During his State of the Nation address in February, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared that the R350 grant would be reached out to the furthest limit of March 2023. More than 10-million individuals rely upon the grant.

As per Letsatsi, current recipients are not impacted by the adjustment of guidelines. He cautioned that the grant was not long-lasting and applied distinctly to the individuals who had no other monetary help.

The passing models for this grant were checked consistently before supported recipients are paid electronically, Paseka said. “Any candidate who was declined and feels they in all actuality do meet the passing rules has the option to pursue.

This allure should be stopped month to month when the result of the application is spread the word about for that month,” he said. Requests stopped after this 30-day time span won’t be thought of.




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