Monday, September 26, 2022
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NO SASSA Grant Payment this month


It you are a recipient of SASSA , you need to be informed of this development .It was advised that there would be no SASSA Grant payments that would be made at the usual pay points this month .

SASSA reportedly advised that this was a result of some measures beyond its control.

However , although the recipients will not be receiving their payments at the usual payment points , other measures will be in place to ensure that they receive the money . In accordance with the report ,the recipients will be able to receive a PIN code that they will use n order to access their payments from other places such as ATMs and supermarkets .

Paseka Letsatsi , who is the spokesperson for SASSA informed that SASSA or Post Office Bank cards could be used by the beneficiaries to have access to their funds .The reason for this inability for SASSA recipients to use the normal channels is that South African Post Office cited that it could no longer provide services to the clients for various reasons .

As a result , tho clients who have been affected have been advised to make use of other channels such as supermarkets or ATMs .This development affected every SASSA recipient , including those beneficiaries of Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant. A call was made by SASSA for the beneficiaries to ensure that they update their banking details so that funds are deposited into their banking accounts .

It is great to note that SASSA continues to assist the vulnerable members of the society . Although this development will affect a number of beneficiaries , they have no option but to just adapt to other means of collecting payments away from the Post Office .

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