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Khanyi & Mondli viral scene on The Wife is being investigated

English Conversation About TV Progr...
English Conversation About TV Program

Drama seems to be what Stained Glass Productions ordered when it decided to produce the popular series The Wife, adapted from Dudu Busani-Dube’s popular book. MyGeniusInsider

If the company is not being attacked by hardcore fans of the book on social media, it is getting in trouble with the Film and Publication Board (FPB).

This is after the steamy mjolo scene between actors Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba set tongues wagging to an extent where viewers were left thinking that the two really did have mjolo.
Now, the board has now launched an investigation to find out whether the show complied with its assigned restriction of 16 VSNL.

“The 16 VSNL assigned by Showmax to The Wife will be compliance-checked against the justification given by Showmax in the report that all distributors, with online agreements to self classify, need to complete,” read the statement.

“Should the review of the rating of the episode be found to be incorrect, the FPB has the power in terms of section 18J of the FP Amendment Act to reclassify any material that was previously classified in terms of the Act.”

Explaining their reason for launching an investigation, CEO Mashilo Boloka said they were worried about the distribution and wider circulation of the clip by the public via social media.

“These clips have the potential to cause harm if accessed by children. The Films and Publications Amendment Act does not, in any way, limit the sharing of content – as long as it is not harmful, illegal, and/or prohibited.”

Source @ZaNewsOnline



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