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5 Digital advertising trends in Germany

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2022’s digital advertising spend shows that search engine marketing (paid for adverts as opposed to organic rankings achieved through SEO) made up the majority of the digital advertising spend in Germany. Marketers spent more than 2.5 times more on search engine activity than they dedicated to social media adverts, which came in second.


There was less spending on digital banner adverts, digital video adverts, and digital classified adverts.


It is essential to truly understand this picture to consider how spending allocation changed between 2019 and 2020. Overall, spending increased by 3.5%. However, social media advertising and digital video advertising grew exponentially, with more than 9% and more than 7% increases, respectively.


Search engine marketing spending grew in line with the average 3.5%, whilst classified digital adverts lost out. These overall trends are likely to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.


How to make digital marketing in Germany work for your organisation

As the European Union’s leading Ecommerce market, Germany is an essential target for almost any brand. The market has a few specifics that digital marketers need to be aware of to maximise the potential of their brand.


If you think your organisation can benefit from native German digital marketing expertise, reach out to our digital marketing experts. We’re happy to help you select the top strategies and tactics for your business.


Do you want to explore the power of Digital Marketing for our business?



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