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🙆🏿‍♂️🗣 Khune reveals how he lost shape 

“I think just after I got married, my wife was spoiling me at home, I would eat six meals a day.

“Every two minutes she would ask are you fine? Do you want something? And without me realising, I was agreeing to everything she was offering. I didn’t realise I was gaining weight but a lot of people could see that.

“So I wasn’t really focusing on my body fat percentage, but I can safely say – now the program worked and now I’m back to my normal, I could even myself, I was like I’m 12-years old, even the clothes, kits – it’s looser than before when it used to be tight.

“I feel great, I can still compete, I said it – I want to compete for the number one spot here at Chiefs and I want to get back into Bafana.

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“At some point I was 94kgs and now I’m at 84kgs. I still want to go further down, I know people will say ah this one is sick but I will be happy to test myself on the field and the results will come out negative.

“It’s just the hard work I’ve put in and change of diet, I have to continue working hard, I can’t afford to relax now just because I’ve started playing and say I’m going to relax, no I’ve got a gym here at work and at home and I have to guard what goes in my tummy.”



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